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The association “Favole Seriche” is born in the optics to reaffirm in the district the culture and the traditions of St. Leucio and to spread out her into the local territory. The creation of the association grafts him on a secular tradition of culture of the silk, matured on the spot through the productive installations and the relative legal and administrative dispositions of avant-garde, wanted by Ferdinando IV of Bourbon to industrialize the small initiatives at level of family enterprise that they had spontaneously risen in the zone.

The experience acquired in the time by the population of the Suburb, been compact and few numerous, has created in the inhabitants a real culture of the silk and the Bourbon traditions, that expresses him through historical periodic initiatives and the flowering of handicraft laboratories devoted to the workmanship of the silk to offer on the market you live, draperies, table-cloth, bedspread and other goods, rigorously in local silk.

The association “Favole Seriche” wants to spread such culture through demonstrative events, effected through parades or historical squares showing up noble masculine or female custom in silk and from workers and female workers of factory, inspired to the 1700 fashion; the qualitative level of the suits is notably elevated, taken care in the least details, and enriched with accessories of the case. Particular sign they deserve the hair styles, all realized on original drawings. The execution of 1700 popular music passages, typical songs and ballets of the epoch is not neglected. Historical signs are recalled besides on the Leuciana and Bourbon tradition, with declamation of extracts of the Code of the Laws of Ferdinando IV and exposure of covers and silky fabrics.